Our History:

The Carriage Wheel Ranch in Chugiak, Alaska is the Home of the “Gentle Giants”

The Horse-Drawn Carriage Company began offering carriage rides downtown Anchorage in the fall of 1983.

Mayor Tony Knowles, and Kate Gillespie, Chairperson Urban Design Commission, presented The Horse-Drawn Carriage Company with the Beautification award from the Municipality of Anchorage’s Mayor’s Beautification Task Force and Urban Design Commission on September 11, 1985.

The Downtown Anchorage Heart of the City Award, presented by Downtown Anchorage Association and Sponsored by the Anchorage Daily News, was awarded in 1995.

We are a member of CONA, Carriage Operators of North America, since 1994.

The Carriage Wheel Ranch in Chugiak, Alaska is the Home of the “Gentle Giants”ith over 20 years in business, the Horse-Drawn Carriage Co. offers a unique experience with a truly Alaskan flavor. The Carriage Wheel Ranch is next to a rushing glacier stream called Peters Creek – just off North Birchwood Loop in Chugiak. When visiting the home of the “Gentle Giants” you can personally meet the horses.  Click to view map.

Interview with Jon: Horsin’ Around

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes through this “A DAY IN THE LIFE” interview  in ECHO Magazine published July 1, 2019, by Daniel Shepard


July 1, 2019 by Daniel Shepard in Day in the Life

Alaskan Treasure

The Horse Drawn Carriage Company was selected as one of the 55 Alaska Treasures in Alaska Magazine. From one of the readers:

 ”Congratulations on being in Alaska Magazine.  As I shared with you, I will be sure to have that here and I would make sure every concierge downtown knows what you offer and how special it is, and to recommend it to their guests.    Page 48 AK Mag.” 55 Tucked – Away AlaskaTreasures.”

Gentle Giants Fan T-Shirts

Show you have personally befriended the Gentle Giants: Bob, Bud, Bill, Dan, Barney, and Jack with our  T-shirts, short sleeves in red.
Youth- S, M, L
Adult- S, M, L, XL, XXL
$ 25.00 – Youth | $ 28.00 – Adult
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