Horse Boarding

Give Your Horses The Boarding Experience They Deserve

We work hard to provide a delightful experience for the horses who board at our stable.  We pay close attention to every horse to understand their physical and social needs. It’s all about ensuring that all horses have the best possible life, both in the barn and when turned out.

The Carriage Wheel Ranch

Providing attentive, quality care to all our horses since 1983

The Carriage Wheel Ranch is owned and operated by The Horse Drawn Carriage Company in Chugiak, Alaska and offers Paddock and Full Board. With over 35 years of experience working with horses and maintaining proper care and feed management, your “Gentle Giants” will feel at home. 

We have a team of professionals and all disciplines are welcome.  We invite your own trainer, farrier, or vet to our facility as well.

Professional Boarding Amenities

Discover our boarding amenities, perfect for all backgrounds

With a Full-board membership, we provide everything needed to care for your horse. You will have access to an individual stall for your horse, complete with daily feed and water. Ready to hit the trail? We also provide our boarders with a professional training arena, a grooming area and a rolling pasture for relaxation and exercise. 

The pristine amenities at the Carriage Wheel Ranch are created by horse lovers, for horse lovers because this level of care goes a long way for our Gentle Giants. Your horse will have the opportunity to socialize in a healthier feeding atmosphere.

Additional amenities accessible to you and your horse will certainly provide endless enjoyment and health benefits for your gentle giant.

  • Short term boarding only $25 per day 
  • Full board $425 per month 
  • One square acre pasture
  • Large barn: 100 ft X 100 ft
  • Boarding barn: 30 ft X  40 ft
  • Personal Horse Stall: 10 ft X 12 ft
  • Stalls cleaned once a week
  • Saddle shed 12 ft X 30  ft
  • One daily stable hand
  • Warm water wash facilities
  • Warm Winter Drinking Water 
  • Private Parking for Horse owner and visitors
  • Hay and rolled oats fed twice daily
  • Storage Area for personnel gear and supplies

Special Services

Horses are not created the same and our boarding facilities reflect this.

At The Carriage Wheel Ranch, we realize horses have different needs just as humans do. Our eclectic horse backgrounds allow us to offer special, comprehensive services for a more personal horse boarding experience.

We cater to special requests from boarders for specific types of feed for their horses but may charge additional fees for special services such as:

  • If your horse requires more than eight pounds of hay twice a day and more than one scoop of grain twice a day 
  • If your horse needs special care such as meds, we will charge $2.00 each time it is given
  • If the horse needs to be wrapped, the charge will be $7.00 each time it is done
  • A minimum of $25.00 will be charged for trailer horses depending on distance and time of day
  • Worming will be scheduled approximately every two months to ensure all horses are on the same worming schedule
  • Training, lessons, shoeing, veterinarian services, worming, and miscellaneous expenses are an additional cost

Contact us for more information about horse boarding with the Carriage Wheel Ranch.